🎗️ADHD Awareness Month Resources

October is ADHD Awareness Month

This is just a quick post with a few links to resources you can use to prepare for ADHD Awareness Month.

Please share this with anyone you feel might benefit.

ADHD Awareness Month Official Website

ADHDAwarenessMonth.org has a treasure trove of resources and links available for learning more about ADHD. It’s one of the best ADHD resource websites out there. It’s up year-round. And every October, it’s updated daily with more resources & info from ADHD Experts, ADHD Coaches, & informed influencers.

Make Updating Your Social Media Profile Pics Easy

If you prefer to update your own images, I’ve loaded the ADHD ribbon assets here.

If you’re looking for a “done for you” solution, to make it easy, Twibbon allows you to:

  • Download the updated image

🎗️ ADHD Awareness Ribbon Emoji 🎗️

I don’t know any keyboard shortcuts, or emoji keyboards that make this easier. But https://emojipedia.org has all the different colored awareness ribbons available.
Click here for the orange ribbon.

What’s Happening at the ART of ADHD Community & Academy in 🎗️October🎗️?

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