I messed up!

Hello folks!

I made some obvious mistakes in my post The Definitive Guide to Adult ADHD Podcasts last night, in the way I attempted (& miserably failed) to communicate the inclusive work a couple of podcasts are up to.

I didn’t ask for input from either from:

  1. the podcast creators

  2. the included folks I wanted to notif

First, I want to thank those of you who quickly and kindly notified me of my mistakes.

Anytime I make mistakes or get something wrong, I want to know. So if you see something, please feel free to message me and let me know! I WANT to know!

2nd, I want to apologize to any of the folks who I hurt or offended by using sexed & gendered terms incorrectly.

I unnecessarily rushed myself to post, instead of taking the time to make sure I got it right the first time.

In the future I will make myself slow down & get feedback before publishing, to make sure I’m not using terms incorrectly.

3rd, I spent time getting feedback this morning from a few different non-cis gendered folks to whom the info was intended, to make sure I’m stating as clearly & accurately as possible the inclusive nature of the information, podcasts, and community mentioned.

4th, I updated the blog post accordingly, and mentioned my errors & correction in the footnotes.

I just posted this same message to my Twitter account to inform folks of my errors & the corrections.

I messed up in the ways I used AFAB & AMAB, due to inexcusably sloppy work.

After someone kindly pointed out my obvious errors, and I sought the feedback I should have gotten in the first place,

I also learned that these terms have been getting co-opted to exclude folks! 😱

After getting feedback, here are the things that I changed:

Where I misused the terms AFAB & AMAB, I...

  • Removed the terms

  • Added notes where it’s specifically relevant, to accurately communicate the intended message

  • Added a footnote about the change

Regarding the Adulting with ADHD Sarah Snyder:

    Note: 👆 The Adulting with ADHD podcast👆 includes a wealth of resources & conversations relevant to folks who experience significant hormonal changes related to estrogen.
    Episodes specific to non-cis gendered experiences with hormones are in the works.
    Please contact Sarah, if you’re interested in discussing these kinds of topics on a future episode.

    Regarding ADHD Men’s Support podcast & community | Marc Almodovar & John Hazelwood

      Note: The ADHD Men’s Support Group is trans-inclusive

      Again, please let me know if I ever use terms in appropriately. I certainly don’t intend to. I’ve been doing my best to do the work & self-educate as much as I can. And I got it wrong this time.

      Going forward, I will do better to solicit feedback in advance.

      Once again, I apologize for my mistakes, and any hurt or misunderstanding these caused.

      Thank you again for being such an incredible and supportive community!