I need your help!

So I can create something amazing for you!

Right now, I'm working on building a few things:

  1. Some very low-cost, high-value Adult ADHD Workshops (coming this Summer)

  2. ThinckFinck Adult ADHD Academy with a range of live, virtual courses (coming this Fall)

  3. An exclusive Adult ADHD community, with a LOT to offer.

I need your help with #2.

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But you'll miss out on some really cool & exciting context. For cool, exciting context, keep reading.

I've been given an opportunity to potentially work with:

And their team, to help me build these Adult ADHD courses.

ThinckFinck Academy's courses would be among the first batch of courses that will appear on a new platform they're building (Maven) for facilitating live virtual courses with a community.

To qualify for the next round, I need at least 100 responses to this questionnaire. I simply want to hear from you about what kind of 6 to 8-week Adult ADHD courses you'd most likely take.

Would you most want to take:

  • What is ADHD really?: The Neuropsychology, Neurochemistry, & Lived Experience

  • The Multi-Passionate Creator: Discovering Your Passions & Figuring Out What to Do With Them

  • Understanding ADHD & Emotions: How Emotions Are a Combination of Cookies & Predictive Modeling, & How to Improve Your Recipes & Models

  • Reclaiming Your Time: Mastering the Art of Transitions

  • High Performance Habits & Frameworks in ADHD (A series of courses)

These are just some ideas. Tell me what YOU thinck!
It doesn't have to be anything I listed above.

What do you YOU most want to learn.

Fill out this survey, and let me know.

Then share it with as many other ADHD Adults as you can.

Thank you!