ThinckFinck is starting something new!

The ART of ADHD Community opening soon!

Remember how, in the last newsletter, I mentioned “New Plans for an ADHD Membership Community”, and someone stepping up to lead it.

Well… it’s happening now.

When I say “Now”, I mean we’re opening the doors on Wednesday, September 1st. 😲

Sometimes, we’re a little impulsive 🙃 😇

Also, I’ll be posting more high quality content more regularly very soon. And, of course, much of it will be related to our motivations for building both the ART of ADHD Community & the ART of ADHD Academy, including:

  • ADHD & Emotions Series

  • ADHD & Habits

  • ADHD & Community

Make sure that you sign up to get notified when the doors open up.

NOTE: Every link in this blog post will take you to the sign up page.

Curious to Know More?

What IS the ART of ADHD Community?

A.R.T. stand for:

  • Awareness

  • Relationships

  • Time & Transitions.

The content and community will revolve around these themes, fostering a safe, supportive environment where ADHD Adults can connect with others who “get” them. We will also provide on-going, high quality, ADHD Support, Education, and Training for ADHD Adults.

What will be offered in the Community?

September 1st is just Phase 1 for the ART of ADHD Community.

For PHASE 1, we’re opening the doors for our Basic Membership, which will include:

  • Several, regularly scheduled, exclusive opportunities for Virtual Body Double sessions each month

  • The ART of ADHD Community Lobby on Mighty Networks
    (It’s basically like a private FaceBook Group. But better. And without FaceBook)

  • Exclusive interactions with the co-Founders of the ART of ADHD Community

In later phases (coming later this year), we’ll be adding in:

  • Monthly ADHD Webinars with ADHD Coaches & Experts

  • An extensive, growing Adult ADHD Resource Library

  • Several more opportunities to meet each week on Zoom live, with ART of ADHD co-founders, for body-doubling, support & training for productivity & planning, Exclusive Q&A’s, and more!

After Phase 1, later this Fall, we’ll start offering additional tiers of membership, with the benefits mentioned here.

Who will be running the Community?

Here’s more info about the co-founders, Catalina Bajuyo Finck and ADHD Coach Jeremy Finck:

How can I join, participate, or support?

Folks who join the mailing list for notifications will be given the first opportunity to join. So, click any link in this blog post to sign up for more info, if you’re interested.

In the coming months, we’ll be making some rounds to spread the news about what we’re doing at the ART of ADHD. So if you know anyone who has a podcast or other platform, and they’re looking for interesting guests, have them contact us at