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On this site, Jeremy writes about topics related to ADHD, Peak Human Performance, and where they intersect. Posts include a wide range of practical insights, frameworks, strategies, resources, and a Human Performance-oriented spin on ADHD Awareness.

What do ADHD & Neurodiversity have to do with Peak Performance?

For starters, preliminary studies suggest that ADHD occurs in elite athletes at over 2x the rate it occurs in the general population.

But why is that? And what about Autism, OCD, & other types of Neurodivergence?

And what do we really mean by "Peak Performance” anyway?

Defining Peak Performance

Peak Performers are the people constantly stretching, breaking, and redefining the limits of what human beings are capable of. Both Performance Science and Human Performance Coaching study and develop the techniques, frameworks, strategies, routines, & etc. that allow Peak Performers to continue challenging and breaking those limits.

But we often forget one very simple, important fact:

For the person who is the Peak Performer: They're stretching, breaking, and redefining *their own personal limits*.

Sure, they're out there redefining human limitations. But to do that, they must focus on becoming their own personal best.

Peak Performance occurs at the personal level - whatever that level may be.

How are Neurodivergence and Peak Performance connected?

Some of the most obvious connections between Peak Performance and Neurodivergence show up when looking at the Neuroscience of Human Performance. It dives deep into the same networks and areas of the brain that are most commonly wired differently for Neurodivergent people (Attention, Emotional Regulation, Executive Control, etc.).

Because these areas are wired and/or function differently for Neurodivergent people, we're often identified as being "twice exceptional" or "2E”. "Twice Exceptional” simply means that we can be both extraordinarily "gifted” at some things, while being exceptionally challenged at others.

Hard things are easy, while easy things are hard.

We frequently find ourselves under immense pressure or stretching beyond the limits of our abilities every day - just to keep up with every day life! It is in precisely these situations that the Peak Performance insights are the most valuable:

Any time we find ourselves under immense pressure or in a situation that pushes us beyond the limits of our own personal abilities, Peak Performance Coaching & Science offer us invaluable insights.

Peak Performance occurs at the personal level - whatever that level may be.

And that is why Jeremy is writing this newsletter: To share how we can apply these Peak Performance methods, frameworks, and other insights to every day living as a Neurodivergent Adult.

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