The Definitive Guide for ADHD Adult Podcasts

The Comprehensive Adult ADHD Onboarding Guide, Section 5

What are the best Adult ADHD & Adult ADHD-friendly podcasts out there right now? The best ones I’ve had the opportunity to check out are listed below.1 Nearly every podcast listed is produced & hosted ADHD Adults.

(last updated April 12, 2021)

The podcast listing is organized by categories:

  • Coach in Your Pocket
    By listening to these, you’re essentially taking Master Classes hosted by some of the world’s best coaches FOR FREE, that would normally cost you way beyond $10,000, if you made it through all the episodes, & do the work.
    Start at the beginning, and work your way through. When you do the work along with these podcasts, the results are transformational.

  • Workplace & Entrepreneurship
    Mostly standalone episodes sharing high-quality resources, tools, & interviews for navigating the corporate workplace and/or life as an Entrepreneur. Lots of high-value, special offers from podcast guests.

  • Women2
    These podcasts are primarily directed toward ADHD Adults who identify as women. Additional notes added below, per podcast, where it seemed helpful to do so.

  • Men
    These podcasts are primarily directed toward ADHD Adults who identify as men. Additional notes added below, per podcast, where it seemed helpful to do so.

  • ADHD, Race, & Intersectionality
    Podcasts & specific podcast episodes that cover Adult ADHD, Race, and/or other intersectionalities, like gender, sexuality, other forms of neurodivergence, etc.

  • High Value Interviews
    Adult ADHD Interview-based podcasts that are very well done, (some are long-form interviews, others are short-form).

  • Parenting ADHD Kids and/or Being an ADHD Parent
    This category is pretty self-descriptive.

  • ADHD Strategies, Info, & More Adult ADHD Podcasts Worth Listening To
    Again, pretty self-descriptive.

Coach in Your Pocket

Workplace & Entrepreneurship


Note: 👆 The Adulting with ADHD podcast👆 includes a wealth of resources & conversations relevant to folks who experience significant hormonal changes related to estrogen.
Episodes specific to non-cis gendered experiences with hormones are in the works.
Please contact Sarah, if you’re interested in discussing these kinds of topics on a future episode.


Note: The ADHD Men’s Support Group is trans-inclusive

ADHD, Race, & Intersectionality


High-Value Interviews

Parenting / Being and ADHD Parent

ADHD Strategies, Info,

& More Adult ADHD Podcasts Worth Listening To

(last updated April 12, 2021)


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