Why is it SO DAMN HARD to find high quality info & resources for ADHD Adults!?

Your Official, Comprehensive Onboarding Guide to Adult ADHD (version 1.0)

If you’re like me Adult ADHD resources that were easiest to find fell into a few different categories:

  1. Resources for parents of ADHD kids created by folks who are not ADHD people themselves

  2. Folks adamantly insisting that ADHD is a super-power, & that the disabilities associated with ADHD only exist because of the overwhelming amount of grossly inaccurate info about ADHD in circulation, mental health stigmas, or broken societal, economic, and/or political systems.

  3. “Alternative” methods to “cure” ADHD or ADHD symptoms being peddled & promoted by folks with no real formal education or training on ADHD or approaches to ADHD management

If you’re lucky you might have actually stumbled across high quality info backed by real research &/or from professionals with verifiable training, who are held to meaningful ethical standards, with track records of delivering verifiable results.

At the same time… there are also real, everyday ADHD people out there who aren’t necessarily professionals, who are creating high-value content with helpful tips learned from a lifetime of living with and managing their ADHD. They are lay experts of their own ADHD experience. They can clearly communicate in relatable ways about their experiences as an ADHD person, and provide high value insights what they’ve learned form their own experience.

The problem is “sifting the wheat from the chaff”, as the saying goes. How are we supposed to be able to sort through all the B.S. in circulation about ADHD, and actually distill the more reliable, relatable, & useful info?

In connecting with thousands of others on ADHD Twitter, I discovered that I was not the only person experiencing this frustration. So, over the past year, I have been curating an abundance of quality resources to begin mapping out a sort of “Onboarding Guide to Adult ADHD”.

This Onboarding Guide to Adult ADHD is still in the works. I expect to have version 1.0 completed & released by later in the summer of 2021.

In the meantime, I will be creating separate posts for each section here on my blog, and then link them back to this post, organized under headings & sub-headings.

Eventually we’ll create a permanent “Adult ADHD Onboarding Guide & Resources” page attached to the ADHD Brains Radio Podcast website. (I know! I’m way behind on episodes! That will be changing this summer.)

In full irony to that last statement, the first section completed is the Definitive Guide to Adult ADHD Podcasts!

•Please read my full DISCLAIMER regarding the resources listed on my blog & podcasts.1
•This post will be periodically updated until it can be converted to a permanent webpage of its own.
•At the beginning, the focus is primarily on curating English language resources for the US & Canada.
•This page will gradually add resources outside of North America & languages other than English. However, version 1.0 (with a couple of exceptions) will remain primarily focused on English Language resources from US-based sources.
(last updated April 12, 2021)

Adult ADHD Audio Podcasts

What are the best Adult ADHD & Adult ADHD-friendly podcasts out there right now? The best ones I’ve had the opportunity to check out are listed in at this link. Nearly every podcast listed is produced & hosted ADHD Adults.

Next update, we’ll add the Adult ADHD Book list.



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